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quod mi nutrit.. [entries|friends|calendar]

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[27 Mar 2005|11:37am]
this weekend was horrible and awesome at the same time.
friday i got one of my wisdom teeth out which made me look like a chipmunk the whole weekend..thank god i dont have school till tuesday.
the painkillers they gave me somewhat work and get me really high..but they fuck with my stomach and make me really nosious [sp?] <~~ i can never fucking spell that..yeah so they make me really sick so i cant enjoy anything i eat..and they also make me sleepy so the whole time steppy was here i was falling asleep everywhere. sorry.
yeah..speaking of steppy..she came over this weekened <333 im so fucking happy...i love her so fucking much. friday was our 1 year anniversary [bestfriends..im tired of people thinking im a lesbian] and to celebrate we went to mcdonalds to get some food which i barely chewed lol. it was fun..especially the long long walk we took to get there..woops...that'd be my stupid route we took. i dont have any pics to post from this weekend because i wouldnt let people take pics of me looking like this.
tomorrow when i go to school people will prolly say shit like.."omg she like so got beat up since her face is bruised"..thats just my school.
i look like shit..and the thought of me having to get 2 more teeth removed kills me. ouchies...i have fucking stiches in my mouth.
yeah this post is long, but anyway..i see people on LJ got mad at me just because i said what really bothered me about some people on here. very immature. i never said i didnt like any of yous i just said that it'd be better if people used LJ cuts for PICTURES and QUIZZEZ..long posts DONT bother me since i do read them.
ok..i think i need a nap..this pill is a bitch.
i finally know what you want, but what are we really?
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[11 Mar 2005|04:11pm]
im at the mall right now and im hoping more people will show up. i mostly want to see steppy..god..i love her. i HOPE she can come here tomorrow if not tonight. steppy..i LOVE YOU!!!!..haha
man o man my legs are killing me from gym..and so are my arms from the stupid..umm whachamacallit...sungods? what a fucking name for an exercise =\ heh.
anyway...im going to see alot of people tonight and i hope i have fn..cuz it was eather going over my moms freinds house with her, which is very very fun..or coming here to the mall with arielle..and shes awesom, but i just dont know how everything will come out.
im really hungry..like the natious feeling, but i have no money and i dont want to eat anyway...for now, yeh...
I FINALLY HAVE MY NEW PHONE!!!! i fucking love it!
i cant wait to take pics with my wife! [aka steponmia]
and my mommy got me that whore 300 free messages..WOOT. go momzies!
ok i think i should go...i wanna take a pic of something other than myself on my phone lol..something like inuyasha..or the dro <333...thats only until i get pics of me and steppy ..cuz then that'll be my bg =] wohoo lol
hmm..jimmy unrine, the dro, or inuyasha?
peace !!
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[06 Mar 2005|02:27am]
wow today was interesting.
after track practice a friend of mine is a tan feen [sp?] so she begged me to go in with her..ok so i did..for 5mins.
i thought it would barely show, but guess what..im tan. holy shit im tan.
like belive it or not it looks somewhat nice, its just that when youre as white and pale as i am for so many years..you kinda get used to it. ill never tan again, but im happy i tried it..you live only once..might as well make the best of it, plus i really doubt this tan will last a week..i went in for such a short time.
track is fun. i never thought id be involved in something that had to do with school..especially a sport. its a great workout..the kind where you cant move for a nice couple of days..but i better get myself going if i want to live throught the week. we have to work out for an hour, no breaks, then run 2 miles outside, work out another hour..and then finally the ab workout for some 30mins..thats everyday, 6 days a week. yes, it includes getting your ass up at 7am on sat, going to school until 11. what can i say.. i enjoy it.
tell me if this is weird..
if id let myself..id most likely fall in love with some1 online from deadjournal. hes so fucking beautiful and his points of view are amazing...just the way he is..idk..might just be the challege.
im updating this journal because too many people read the other one..and here i can just ramble on and on..and the other one is just a quick updates ..and my deadjournal is my personal journal that only people close to me can read...so you cant read it nor have the link to it. duh.
im so annoyed by people lately..mainly guys. this might sound a bit conceded and maybe mean, but goddamn it..please dont like me anymore.
im tired of people saying there "in love" with me..listen ..youre not in love with me because i dont talk to you..if i dont talk to you then you dont know me..and i know i dont talk to you because i fucking refuse to talk to most of the people in my school..and if i DO talk to you then it doesnt mean i like you back. im sorry. i didnt want to sound like a conceded bitch, but i hate..ugh..greatly dislike most people in this school, town, state.
ex bf's also suck black mans dick..listen..we went out..were not going to go out again..its just not happening. please stop buying me tickets to the shows i want to see to bribe me..my legs are closed and so is my heart. youre not getting shit from me.
speaking on my legs being closed [sounds strange] i give up on every1,
some of yous might know who im talking about..actually only one person.
some1 i love more than yous will ever know lives soo far from me..i miss her soo much, shes my everything..the most amazing friendship possible..nothing more..and were happy with that, cuz i NEVER opened up to some1 as much as i did to my steppy..i LOVEE HERRRR. touch her and you fucking die, thank you. BF4L! <~ so kiddie like, but true hahah. "i really really doooooooooooooo"
ok im gonna go...alot of shitheads are im'ing me.
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[11 Jan 2005|06:58pm]
are not like the other holes

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